The subtle art of Stealing Time

by happymil

Slink Chunk Press

by Mileva Anastasiadou

 I cannot believe how long it took me to realize Alex doesn’t exist. If I wasn’t that far away from earth, if I had not been obliged to perform my research in complete secrecy, I would have realized it sooner -I guess –  yet living in a giant starship, hundreds of light years from the place I have been taught to call home, made the procedure harder and certainly time consuming.

Do you realize the reason you are here, Mr. Smith?”


I have not heard my name for such a long time that I have almost forgotten it. During working hours, they usually call us by our serial number. Personal relationships are not encouraged here, except for reproduction reasons, yet through impersonal and anonymous encounters. Secondly, I don’t really understand the question. Is he referring to the spacecraft? I have spent my whole life in…

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